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Saturday, March 29, 2008

(Speculation) Michael Dawson in the coffin ? Impossible. Why ?

Found on DarkUFO Forum

The funeral director asked Jack if he was "Friend or Family."

If the funeral director prepared the body and it was that of Michael Dawson
(a male black)

Then why would he ask a male white (Jack Shepard) if he was "Family ?"

The director should have asked "How well did you know the deceased ?" or something along those lines.

It would be ludicrous of him to ask a white male (Jack) if he was family to a male black character (Michael Dawson; or Walt Lloyd for that matter.)

The only person that fits the coffin criteria is John Locke.

Jack ain't family to him.
They aren't friends.
And Kate was banished from Barracks-ville by John Locke. So her dialogue with Jack at the airport fits.
And we saw Ben Linus off the Island. (in Germany)

Posted by HudsonDuster


Anonymous said...

He could be family! Why couldn't Jack be an in-law to Michael? There are black folks at my wife's family reunion, but we're all white. Don't let that statement negate the possibility that Michael is in the coffin.

Vincent's Brother said...

I agree with BigE. The conclusion that it is Locke is poorly constructed as well. A silly post by the dude at DarkUFO.