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Thursday, March 27, 2008

(Speculation) Hurley Flashback in an Upcoming Episode

Found on DarkUFO Forum

I think there will be yet another Hurley flashback in an upcoming episode, possibly in Season 5. Why, do you ask? Isn't Hurley's past pretty much told? Shouldn't future Hurley-Centrics be Flash-forwards?

No. Hurley's story has not been totally told. What has not been told is the dock incident, where his weight (he believes) caused the dock to collapse and some of the people to die. This is at the root of his paranoia over having bad luck. But more importantly, this story will solve yet another LOST mystery by revealing why Libby was in the mental institution.

When Libby speaks to Desmond and gives him the boat, she mentions the recent death of her husband, David. It is the grief of David's passing that drives her for a limited time to the mental institution. David's death also haunts Hurley, who sees David in visions as Dave. Dave, an ardent sailor, was on the docks that day with Hurley and died when the dock collapsed. I think that Dave and Libby will both return to appear in this new Hurley flashback which will answer these many mysteries.

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