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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sexiest Lost Girl?

The Television Program Listings Magazine has published their yearly "Sexiest Stars On TV" list and they have included Korean actress Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun-Hwa Kwon on the series. Lovely woman, charming smile. But really? Is Sun sexier than Kate, Claire, Juliet. Okay, younger than Rose, prettier than Charlotte, I'll give her that. (And Naomi, Libby and Shannon are dead.) Did the magazine need a token Asian woman that doesn't look like Sandra Oh, or is Yunjin really the sexiest girl on the island? Post opinions in comments section.


Edshrinker said...

HEy c'mon NAp - you neglected Josh Holloway's nomination? I don't want to see it when Fishy comes down on you for that one.

I never saw her that way until some glam shots that appeared online a while back. That - and her "pre-Jin" party dress days were pretty hot.

My Claire has her beat easily

Napoleon Park said...

Ed, I may have abnormal psychology, but, no, I do NOT consider Josh Holloway one of Lost's sexiest girls. NTTAWWT but homey don't swing that way.

That pic of Yunjin I posted is a reduced version of a wallpaper I made. Anyone who'd like a copy of the big version can email me - or send detailed instructions on how to do that magical "click to embiggen" trick. (No, I don't have a photobucket or flickr or whatever account - I'd need instructions for that, too.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll go with Juliet, but I'm partial to blondes - my wife is one.