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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Paburrows thoughts on "The Shape of Things To Come"

I love Kate’s "You have a prescription for that?" Good foreshadowing of things to come.

When I was watching Keemy tell Alex to turn the fence off I was wondering what would have happened if Alex would have told Keemy No! would he have shot her?

I love how Ben was playing piano in the same house that Kate found Jack playing piano last season and how he had a shotgun hidden in the bench.

I felt that there were too many difference between Ben & Jack waking up for Jack to be time traveling. It’s interesting that Ben had a gash on his arm. It reminds me Of Wickmund in one of the Hatch videos he had lost his arm. Maybe he had an accident when trying to time travel. Kinds of like in Harry Potter when they lose body parts if they apperate incorrectly.

Looks like the red shirts in Locke’s camp are gone. I wonder when Jack's will get killed off. I loved it when Sawyer was dodging the bullets.

I love how Hurley puts Aaron in a laundry basket.

Also how Hurly is now part of the important Ben & Locke team Go Team Beckeley! Also how he breaks the window so that Sawyer & Claire can come in.

It’s interesting how Sayid just happens to look up at Ben just at the right time. Ben probably told Sayid about the boat since he knew that Sayid had used the boat when it was captured. I believe that this was the first time that we hear Keemy first name; I added it to the sidebar character info. I love how he tells him exactly who he is. That was sad the last words that Alex heard were Ben's mean words.

I love Ben's devious little smile when he knew that he had Sayid in his pocket, its like Alex said Ben gets you to do things by making you think that its your idea.

I love the Smokey attack; I posted some Smokey observations on the blog yesterday

I love how Bernard catches Faraday in his lie, Bernard is so awesome! I love how Sawyer has become the protector of the sane people. I have liked Sawyer since the end of season 1, but he just gets better & better.

I love Bens little beating stick. It’s great that they confirmed Ben & Widmores rivalry. When Widmore called Ben "Boy" and that Ben had taken everything that Ben had he toke from me (Widmore) was I’m guessing a reference to the fact that Ben grew up on the island, Widmore owned the island and was using Dharma to explore its special properties and Ben gassed all of Dharma and toke the island over and somehow made it so that the island could not be found.

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redfishbluefish said...

i had forgotten that Charles called Ben, "Boy". It definitely strengthens the element of old vs. new.

if you mix in rb's theory, it does begin to give the impression that Widmore is 'one of the old gods of the island' and Ben is like the young, half human bastard son of that God.

and i suggest that as not necessarily the reality of the situation, but the imression that tension between them gives.