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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Earth-2 Comics-Meet DAMON LINDELOF

Tonight I was able to meet Damon Lindelof at Earth -2 Comics in Sherman Oaks. I got into the Dharma Flame Jumpsuit that I put together. Which I forgot to take pictures but I know that at least one person took a photo of me, so that's probably floating around on the Internet somewhere. My two boys came with me and I purchased a copy of Damon's book Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk. When I did they gave me a ticket for the signing. Instead of a line they had a number system with tickets.

I lucked out and was the first one to get a ticket since we got their a half hour early. Damon arrived at 7pm with his Mother who happened to be visiting at the time and he told the crowd that anyone who could explain to his Mother what Adamantium was or who Alan Moore was so that she could explain it back to Damon would receive a special prize. He also spoke about how grateful he was to us for supporting him on this book and how he always idolized comic book writers since a kid when his Father would take him to comic book stores and its weird that he's on this side of the table. He still feels like he's on the fan side. Also he apologized for the huge break in-between book one and two and how he wished that he would have written them all at once instead of just the first two.

As I mentioned before I was the first one to be able to visit with him, I say visit, because rather then this being a rush you through sign the book type of thing, we were allowed to hang out with him and talk for a few minutes. I told him how much I loved Lost and he asked me if the Flame was my favorite station since I had "The Flame" patch on my Jumpsuit and I told him yes. I then gave him a copy on my new Lost sketchbook and a set of Lost Trading cards. (which I'm working on a Room 23 store to sell these things) He liked my Richard design and said that he recognized my Hurley drawing from Google and asked me for my business card, which I gave him a Room 23 and personal Portfolio one and he also made a point to ask me for my e-mail. (What for I'm not sure) But it was cool that someone that I admire and admire his work liked mine and wanted my contact info. He also told me that he recognized Room 23.

I told him that I knew that he was probably sick of getting this question and that he had said that Libby's story was over. So I asked him what was originally planned for Libby's story before she got killed. He repeated whats been said before about hold Cyntha Watros didn't have interest in returning and that they didn't want to tell her story unless they could do it in the right way. But that hes hearing very faint rumblings that she might be starting to change her mind. Which would fit with a spoiler that I've been hearing lately. But he promised me that if by the end of the series they never got to Libby's story on the show that I could hunt him down and that he would answer my question definitively.

Then I brought up about how J.K. Rowling had mentioned eventually doing a Harry Potter Encyclopedia and asked if Lost would ever do a DK book or Encyclopedia. He told me that just between you, me and the comic book store (and he said this knowing that I run Room 23) that they did have plans for a possible Lost authoritative book with a release a few years after the show ended with show bibles included as part of the book!

He signed my book with this message. "Paul, Here's to the Flame! Thanks for your massive fandom!" Damon Lindelof

After that I introduced my kids and Damon asked them what their favorite superheroes were. My youngest said Spiderman (he was wearing a black Spiderman suit which Damon asked about) and my oldest told him Wolverine and Hulk. (Thats why I pay him the big allowance) Damon told me that I was a cool Dad. It was an awesome night.

Meet DAMON LINDELOF, Co-Creator of "LOST"! WEDNESDAY EVENING: OCTOBER 14th 2009 from 7-9 pm at our SHERMAN OAKS location. Celebrate the release of the ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK HARDCOVER. Damon will be signing books and answering questions. EARTH-2 COMICS 15017 VENTURA BLVD SHERMAN OAKS CA 818.386.9590


Cheif Brody said...

That is AWESOME, Pa! Great job!! So glad it wasn't a 'rush you thru the line' event and you actually got to ask him a few questions! Love the Libby thing! I so hope they can shoe horn her back into the show this season somehow.

I kinda figured there would be some space between the end of the show and any kind of LOST encyclopedia/book to look forward to. I know once I complete any long project...I need a nice long break before I can ever think about revisiting it. But he def gave us hope.

Glad has your e-mail address, Pa...hopefully you will hear from him again! Also great that you met with that Twit Pic animator at Disney is agreat contact for you to have, for sure!

Thanks for the awesome update. Sounds like you and the kids had a blast.

The ODI said...


I wish I could have made it!

comixguru said...

Hey Paul! It was great meeting you last night. I also blogged about my experience. Check it out if you like- and good luck breakin' into the animation biz! I'll let you know if I see any openings at Disney.
Cheers- alice.

lost4evr said...

WOW Paul!!! What a rush. Thanks for sharing your experience meeting Damon. Since I don't see myself meeting him in this lifetime, I can vicariously meet him through you and he sounds like everything I always thought he'd be. Sounds like you're a great dad too. Kudos for taking the kids with you.