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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rick Kushman: Down, boys: The dog on 'Lost' is safe

By Rick Kushman -

I've got great news, and I know you're with me on this. The dog lives. No harm will come to the dog.

There's the official word out of Comic-Con – the recently concluded San Diego fan fest for comics, sci-fi and, now, everything any Hollywood studio or network wants to market – about Vincent, the guileless golden retriever on ABC's "Lost."

During a recent panel in front of a couple of thousand fans, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said the one thing, frankly, I needed to hear.

They didn't give up much in the way of details on anything else involving "Lost," except to say the show is complicated and things will happen. But according to news reports, Lindelof told the crowd, "It's safe to say Vincent will make it to the end of the show."

OK, I'm in. I'm hanging until the end, and I'm completely fine with whatever happens to the rest of the gang. I'm just saying, if you introduce a dog character on a show with monsters and gunfire and whatever the heck's happening out there, you'd better take care of him.


1 comment:

Cheif Brody said...

Best. News. Ever. I don't care which character gets impaled by sharp spears, falls into a vat of acid, drowns in mysterious, shape shifting quicksand, gets shot, stabbed, blown up, shredded or otherwise mutilated beyond recognition...this includes baby Aaron. Just leave the dog alone!! GO TEAM VINCENT!!