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Friday, July 25, 2008

Paul's Comic Con Report: Friday

As we like to remind ourselves, nothing happens by accident in the world of Lost. So, as the Lost special on G4 plays in the background, I am typing Paul's report from Comic Con. Fighting a terrible cell phone reception, we manged to hit on some of the highlights of his Lost adventure.

The panel Paul sat in on was headlined by Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, as well as showrunners from Pushing Daisies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, and Gossip Girl. It was moderated by Doc Jensen. Some of the Lost-related information:
Darlton addressed the strike (once again) and offered up a little more insight into how the delay affected the show. As they reviewed the grand plan for the show, they realized that, as far as the characters were concerned, the story was lacking. They wanted to expound more, and on a deeper level, the story of several of the main characters. An example given was the helicopter scene where Sawyer kisses Kate and jumps to insure the safety of the Oceanic 6. That scene was very superficial initially but was expanded in a rewrite during the strike to give more weight to the moment. There were other moments like this that were redone with the added time during the strike. One storyline that suffered, however, was that of the Freighter Folk. Darlton assured the crowd that their story has not changed and Season 5 will uncover their mysteries. But because it will no longer be in the context of the events of season 4, how their story is told will be rewritten.

With the story wrapping up in Season 6, the Zombie season will now be presented in Mobisode form. This scoop was given with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

The Lost ARG is being handled by Hoodlum, the folks behind last year's ARG. It is made for the die-hard fans and not a necessary part of the "mothership" or main television show. It is an extended universe for the fans that really invest themselves in the deeper mythology, but is not something you
need to understand the big picture.

The showrunner for Pushing Daisies made a comment that Darlton agreed with and is something that Paul emphasized in his report. That is, some things within the story are better left unexplained and that some mysteries are not meant to be solved. In other words, the fans are left to explore parts of this story with their imagination. I agree completely, Paul.

Damon mentioned The Watchmen hoopla and how the story has influenced his writing. Also that a storytelling device they like to use is to explore the main characters through the introduction of new characters. That little bit of information really makes sense as I think about how fearless Lost is with their creation of more and more characters.

Another one of the questions Paul was hoping to ask that was brought up by another was the story surounding Desmond's visions and Charlie's sacrifice and how it does not jive with the events that unfolded in season 4. Also, the psychic's insistance that Claire be the only one to raise Aaron, and by all indications, Kate is raising baby Turniphead. All Darlton would reveal is that none of this is paradox. The story is unfolding according to plan and as more is revealed in the next 2 seasons, the reasons behind Desmond's flashes, Charlie's heartbreaking decision, and who should be raising Aaron will become abundantly clear.

Someone wondered aloud to the panel if viewers would grow tired of Time Travelling Stories (indicating Lost, Terminator, Heroes among others). Darlton said simply that they believed Lost is doing it differently than most and that if anything, with all the crime procedurals, medical, and reality shows, they are a refreshing change of pace.

Lastly, Paul was disappointed at being turned away, both at the Dharma booth (they shut it down RIGHT as he got to the front) and in the question line for the panel. He had one of his main questions answered, but walked away a little dejected at not being able to catch Darlton afterwards - as they were whisked away quite efficiently. Paul will correct me if I don't tell this story quite right, as he will be writing up his personal account of his experiences when he returns. And I am going to just spill the beans on the event and leave it to Paul to tell you about how it all came about. There are no coincidences in Lost my friends, and a meeting with Darlton was meant to be. Pa met our infamous pair. Carlton and Damon were able to give him an answer to his other main question personally: "Does Ethan have Super Strength due to the Island's mystical powers?" We have debated the question before. Now, in a Pa Burrows exclusive, we have a definative answer. And wouldn't you love to know what it is?

Mustache twist and "MuHahahaha"

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Thank you Paul on the fantastic job - he is having a great time and says hello to all of you back home. Look for more on the big Lost event sometime Saturday evening.




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Fantastic report! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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Great report guys