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Thursday, July 24, 2008

LOST - A G4 Special

I am guessing this is the show that Mori mentioned he was appearing in, and in turn, a screenshot of our beloved Room 23 may show up. Nonetheless, G4 has been running promos non-stop of the LOST in 2.o broadcast they will be doing. It is LOST, from the beginning, with facts and commentary inserted to enhance each episode. It sounds like a great way for people who are avoiding the show because of the deep mythology, to join in the fun. From G4...

LOST Producer Damon Lindelof remembers the day clearly. Not long after turning into ABC a 23-page outline for a show that would be called Lost, his phone rang, on a Sunday. It was Lloyd Braun(SEINFELD!), who at the time was the president of ABC Entertainment. "I'm going to greenlight this show," Braun said. Lindelof's immediate thought? "Oh, s--t!"

That story and many more reflections on the serialized phenomenon concerning 815-ers and Others are shared in Lost: A G4 Special, premiering Friday, July 25, at 10 pm/ET on the G4 cable network.

Among the Losties sharing their views on the series' secrets and theories are TV GUIDE's Matt Mitovich, Entertainment Weekly's Jeff "Doc" Jensen and MediaWeek's Marc Berman.

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