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Monday, July 28, 2008

Watchback: Homecoming & Outlaws

I missed watching Homecoming since I was at Comic-Con, but it was actually better watching these 2 episodes back to back. Both have a common theme of killing and the results. The group finally capture Ethan when Charlie goes all wildcard and shoots him, which I doubt that he would have actually give out any information of reivance. Mikail was asked by another Other to shoot her rather then give out information. So the next episode is all about Charlie dealing with his feeling about shooting Ethan with Hurley & Sayid trying to help him. Sawyer deals with his feeling about shooting that inocent man in Austrilia. (which lead him to take 815) Along with his own Father shooting his Mother & himself. Also Jack is still dealing with the reprocutions of turning his Father in, which in his mind lead him to his death. Sawyer declines to tell Jack that he had run into Christian in a bar, but in the finale tells him, which shows how much their friendship had grown in that short of time.

I like the Charlie flashback & how it influences him to protect Claire at all costs after his failure with the flashback girl. It was funny when he threw up in the copier. I like how Outlaws ends with Claire telling Charlie that she wanted to trust him.

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