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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic-Con: Live-Blogging the 'Lost' Panel

Jen and I spent a harrowing two hours in line outside the convention center this morning, worried that we may have seriously miscalculated. Based on the easy time we both had getting in to yesterday's "Watchmen" panel, we figured we'd get in line at 8:30 a.m. for today's Noon "Lost" panel. Imagine our surprise to find the line already stretching all the way around the massive convention center and past the next-door Marriott complex? Apparently rabid fans of "Lost" (and "Heroes," which has a panel in the same hall in the prior hour) had started queueing at 2 a.m.

There were some moments there when we thought, "Man, we need a Benjamin Linus. Ben always has a back-up plan." Turns out we didn't need it and we got in. En route to the entrance, we also saw Greg Grunberg of "Heroes," who popped out from his VIP entrance to say hi to the fans and snap a photo. As Hurley would say: "Awesome."

("Heroes," it should be noted is hosting a panel in the same room in the hour preceding our "Lost" fest.)

We finally made it and will kick off our live-blogging of the panel here at 3 p.m. ET (that's Noon here in Cali). Talk to you then. In the meantime, catch up on last season at our "Lost" Central page.


We'll be adding newish stuff to the bottom, so scroll down for the latest. Oh, and one note: We have radio silence when any footage is shown, so if we disappear for a few minutes, don't despair -- we'll be back. -- Liz, 11:49 a.m. PT.


The "Heroes" folks just finished up. We are minutes from Hurley Time. (BTW "Heroes" peeps, I'll post something on that later. They showed the first episode of the season and you know what? After hating last season, I might actually start watching again.)-- Jen, 11:59 a.m. PT

The panel was skedded to kick off at Noon PT (three minutes ago), but like everything else at Comic-Con, it's running a little bit behind. There's a lot of seat-shifting going on and the crowd has definitely thinned out. -- Liz, 12:04 p.m. ET

They're showing a doc about the Oceanic Six's "true" story. Disclaimer beforehand: It's from an "anonymous" source. "Who or what are they trying to protect?" asks the narrator. Now we're seeing a featurette on the freighter folk, undoubtedly to be including on the upcoming DVD. 00 Jen, 12:10 p.m. PT

Damon and Carlton onscreen now explaining flash forwards. They have flash forwarded and Carlton is wearting an Obama: Four More Years T-shirt. Damon is wearing a 2010 word series championship shirt. Funny stuff. Here come the real guys!! Damon and Carlton are onstage!! Damon is wearing a Trust Snape T-shirt. -- Jen, 12:12 PT

--Damon is holding up an autographed photo of Judson Scott from "Wrath of Khan." They are babbling a little now. They have mentioned Several of the stars of the show -- Matthew Fox, Ian Cusick, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly are going to sign autographs live on this site. It's a fundraiser for cancer research.

-- Okay, I'm a bad "Lost" fan. I snuck off to the bathroom. I missed a little of the intro, but luckily Jen was here to get the breaking . Carlton just said the Dharma initiative is sponsoring this year's panel. They're doing a lot of pre-promotion for the booth and other promotional tie-ins now. And here comes Hans Von Egan, a "Dharma" exec. -- Liz, 12:16 p.m. PT.

--He seems to be announcing the winners of the Comic-Con's aptitude tests. AKA -- Octagon Global Recruiting. The results, he says, were abysmal. Well, who knew what to study? -- Liz, 12:17 p.m. PT.

--Now he's showing footage of people taking the test. Kinda glad I wasn't in there now actually. Questions: What three words describe it? Describe your first kiss in three words? Who is your constant? What would you sacrifice to stay alive? Damon's answer: Carlton Cuse. -- Jen, 12:19 p.m. PT.

-- Okay, that was underwhelming. Now we're getting the winners announcement. What we win, so far we don't know. They will be allowed to move on to the next stage of the Dharma Initiative. One winner is wearing a fetching Oceanic Airlines shirt. Register there on Monday to go to the next level of recruiting. Time for the Q&A with Carlton and Damon. Yay. -- Liz, 12:22 p.m. ET.

First question: Wants to know if island traveled when sky turned purple. Answer from Damon: No. There is a box with Dharma logo onstage. ,Everyone who asks a question will get a specially selected gift. The first guy just got an Oceanic bottle of water. -- Jen 12:24 PT

-- If Naveen Andrews is one of the prizes available in that box, then I may have to get up and ask a question. Another fan just asked about the fate of Jin and Locke. We heard Jin will still be on the show in some form and that we haven't see nthe last of either of those characters. This guy's gift: A stuffed panda bear. -- Liz, 12:25 p.m.

--Next guy wanted to know about show's schedule. They confirmed that it starts again in January,ends in 2010. And that guy gets a "Lost" calendar. Next guy, wearing a numbers shirt, wants to know their favorite episodes or seasons. Carlton votes "The Constant." Damon says he liked season three before it disintegrated, as well as season four. That guy gets an Apollo bar and an Apollo bar T-shirt. Am I the only one, after the electricity in here during "Heroes" when the entire cast came out, who wants to see some Holloway? -- Jen, 12:29 PT

-- Lots of walking around going on during this panel. Is it wrong that I want them to lock down the room so we can just concentrate on the stage without having Vulcans trying to get in and out of our aisle?

Next questioner just chastised Lindecuse for the split Jin/Sun time frame episodes -- the flash back/forward. Now he's asking about the city reflection in the "Lost" promo materials, the one reflected in the water. Carlton says we may be reading a little too much into it. That the campaign was reflective of the six characters who made it back to the real world. His gift, a set of "Heroes" DVDs. -- Liz, 12:30 p.m. PT.

--Next person wanted to know if there would be a Rousseau flashback. The guys confirmed that Rousseau will be on season five and we will see her story. Another guy asked a question about SAG contracts ... he gets a photo of Nikki and Paulo! -- Jen 12:33 p.m. PT

-- Carlton says the other writers do actually know a lot about the larger plot of the show and that they work collaboratively. Damon says they'd do fine without them. And the lucky questioner gets a life vest signed by all the writers.

Next question: Will there be a special guest this year? Hans Von Egan was a special guest, says Carlton. Damon says they haven't got anyhone here. Are they for real? Wah. Couldn't they even grab Cheech Marin? He can't be too far from San Diego. -- Liz, 12:35 p.m. PT.

--Sigh. I'm with Liz. Anyhoo, next guy is asking if they have seen or read "Lost Horizon." They have but it is not a "touchstone" for the show. And this questioner gets a copy of "Our Mutual Friend." A chick in an aviator's cap wants to know what happened to Vincent. They say Vincent made it and will appear in season five. "I think it's safe to say Vincent will make it to to the end of the show," Damon says. And she gets a polar bear.

-- I need to clarify something I wrote above: Damon meant that the other show writers would do fine without THEM, meaning Carlton and Damon. We've now got people sitting in the aisles. Are they true "Lost" fans or here for the next panel?

Next questioner wants to know if Jack and Kate are the "one true pairing." "We can't tell you," say LindeCuse. But they say Jack is the hero of the show and that the romantic triangle is still central to the show and will continue to play out -- which gives me hope that Sawyer will be back in a big way. The questioner gets a Jack Shepherd action figure. LindeCuse are debating the resemblance to Jack. The questioner is demanding the gift.

And here comes Matthew Fox! Looking tan and very well. He's getting his pic taken with the questioner and the doll. Matthew will now join the panel. This is way better than Cheech Marin. -- Liz, 12:40 p.m. PT.

Foxy!!! This is more like it. A little girl just asked if Sawyer would see Kate again. Not sure she got a straight answer but it was very cute. Guy in Watchmen T-shirt wants to know what happens to Faraday and the five people in his boat. They said the five people who have never spoken a word on the show? Their days are numbered. Matthew is looking hot. -- Jen 12:43 p.m. PT

-- Questioner got a genuine Daniel Faraday necktie for his troubles. New questioner wants to know how far forward we'll flash -- decades into the future? Damon says this year we won't know when and where we are, like earlier seasons, and that the way the story is told will be a little different -- we'll be on island, off island -- organized a bit differently. The questioner gets a Hanso Foundation hat. Damon said it should fit well on his head.

Someone needs to ask Matthew Fox a question. -- Liz, 12:45 p.m. PT.

This dude who calls himself Bob Stencil just asked "Between you and me how will the show end?" He asked a question yesterday during Kevin Smith. He gets Dharma beer and no straight answer. Holy Hugo. A dude who is a dead ringer for Hurley is asking about how Daniel knew about the second protocol. Damon answered but I am too distracted by this guy's Hurleyness, he gets a tub of Dharma Ranch dressing. I think he might cry from joy. -- Jen, 12:49 p.m. PT

-- Matthew Fox is looking a bit sheepish. Next guy -- after calling LindeCuse awesome -- is asking if they ever write themselves into a corner. Carlton says they actually try to write themselves into corners and then try to puzzle their way out and that's how the show evolves. The gift for this questioner? A dry erase board eraser signed by LindeCuse. Straight from the Lost writers' room. -- Liz, 12:51 p.m. PT

--A woman with a Save the Logging Guys sign (don't ask, because I don't know). She wants to know how old Richard Alpert is and how many toes? They are saying very old. Fox guessed 125-year-olds and was told he is wrong. Damon said something cryptic about seeing his bare feet in the "near" future. That woman just got a killer T-shirt that says, "I asked a question about Richard Alpert and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."

-- -- Okay, this is totally the Damon and Carlton show. Mayhaps ABC could slot them into latenight opposite Conan this spring, instead of hiring Jay Leno as has been rumored. One of the Dharma winners just jumped on stage and said LindeCuse aren't telling us "sh**," and says he has video to show us from the Dharma booth. This has to be totally scripted. We're watching the video now. Will fathfully report its contents momentarily. Or Jen will. -- Liz, 12:55 p.m .PT.

--The kid took the camera into the booth and now we're seeing video of Marvin Candle. His real name is Pierre Chang. He is a professor of physics from Ann Arbor. And he says we are receiving the message 30 years from now. He and his colleagues are dead. There has been a purge. We have to reinstitute the Dharma Initiative. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence, he says. And how the Dharma guy is cutting off the panel and withdrawing sponsorship. -- Jen 1 p.m. PT

-- - See, LindeCuse rocks at humor. ABC should just turn over the entire prime-time lineup to them. The Egan Dharma guy says they are withdrawing their sponsorship and took away the cups. Panel over. HUGE ROAR from the crowd. -- Liz, 1 p.m. PT.

--Well, we didn't get many answers. But the experience was entertaining. And we got to see Matthew Fox. And a dude who looks a lot like Hurley. Actually, I've seen at least 15 of those dudes already.... -- Jen 1:04 p.m. PT

Looks like that is it! I will bring more over from Jen and Liz if they delve further in to Lost.


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