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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paul's Report from Comic Con - Saturday

UPDATE: Friday, Pa had a happenstance meeting with Darlton ( I will leave it to him to tell that wonderful story when he gets back) and was able to ask a question that has haunted him: Does Ethan Rom have Super Strength, infused by the Island? Darlton's answer was...

No. BUT...there is a Dharma fighting/training program that all recruits go through and the Others have adopted much of Dharma's structure as they took over. So Ethan and Ben - they were taught those ass-kicking awesome moves. An Answer that you will only see HERE IN ROOM 23 folks. That is a Paul Burrows scoop exclusive! Ok - on to the report.

Straight away, it should be said that Paul took fantastic notes on the events of the panel. Since we already have two, blow by blow reports of the panel, we agreed you, the reader, might be better served by an article highlighting parts that were impactful to Paul and our relationship to the show. Continue on for Pa Burrow's own unique spin:

At the beginning of the event, a video was shown that centered around the Freighter Folk. The actors remarked on how wonderful and welcoming the established cast was as they began to shoot season 4. Rose and Bernie threw in a few quips about the longevity of Faraday's tie.

The Season 4 DVD will include at least one awesome feature. The Flash Forwards will be edited together in a linear fashion as a special bonus. THAT sounds very cool.

There was a video of "Darlton from the future". Damon has an eyepatch (jealous Fishy?) and Carlton has a mustache. All the future events they tried to warn us about were bleeped out. Apparently, fans did not take the end of the series too well. One fan gouged his eye out and now cries himself to sleep every night out the one good eye :>)

Dharma Initiative is sponsering the Lost panel and supplied Darlton awesome sipper cups with the Dharma logo on it.

The PR guy for the DI told the applicants the test results were abysimal and that "you sicken me!" Wow - tough words.

You have read the Q&A already, but Paul mentioned some questions that stood out:

The Island did NOT move when the Hatch imploded and the sky turned purple
FF/FB will no longer be used! They will be using a new storytelling device.

Lost Horizons isn't really an influence, but you never know what sticks in the unconscious mind.

Vincent WILL make it to the end of the series! (YAY)

Love triangle will remain alive and well. New elements will be added, but the triangle is a crucial element of the story and will continue in some form or another.

Things are looking up for Faraday, but not so much the redshirts in the raft with him.

Matthew Fox came strolling out. He was asked if he got to know the redshirts. He said he did and that because they are all together on the island filming, everyone gets to know everyone pretty well.

***Season 5's stories will have the watcher wondering when and where the events are happening. We will not know. THAT is part of the new storytelling device.

***Danny's Notebook is HUGE! It has the events of the past AND the FUTURE written in it. Wow.

Darlton will write themselves into corners, just to write themselves back out. It keeps them on their toes.

***Richard will be barefoot in season 5. We will see him early and often. And he is OLD. Matty guessed 125 and Carlton said he was wrong. So - no time traveling per se. He has just lived a looooong life.

The Dharma recruit then performed the staged portion of the event by running on stage and demanding a video be played. Marvin Candle, no longer wanting to "play games" says his name is Pierre Chang. He goes on to tell the story of the purge of the DI, the need for it to be reconstituted and that time is not of the essence - "TIME IS THE ESSENCE." Pa mentioned Pierre was rubbing his left arm while he was talking. Little accident, perchance? Lastly, Pierre pleads folks to "Save us".

Hans Van Eeghan then stopped the panel, took away Darlton's sippy cups, and said he was pulling Dharma sponsership from the event.

In closing, Paul says Hellooooo! to everyone at AICN and here at Room 23. He is going to be working on some 1st hand accounts of his experiences at Comic Con and will have those up soon - after he has a chance to rest a little. He hopes everyone is enjoying the effort and work we are putting in. Personally, I am excited to read his take on Comic Con - he has many a story to share!

Thanks for reading. Other Comic Con news will be posted here as it appears around the net.


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