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A gathering place for those who love the ABC TV show Lost. This blog was started by a group of Fans who kept the Season 3 finale talkback at Ain't It going all the way until the première of the 4th season as a way to share images, news, spoilers, artwork, fan fiction and much more. Please come back often and become part of our community.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Redemption of Michael Dawson - Part Two

Based upon the idea and outline of the LOST AICN TB crew member Node/HoboCode, this project brings us the Michael Dawson arc throughout the show LOST.

Part Two starts with Michael's trip to Australia to bring back Walt. There is a slight detour; the crash of Oceanic 815 forces Michael and Walt to bond despite the circumstances. And while father and son do begin to grow together - they are suddenly ripped apart...

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