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Friday, August 1, 2008

Watchback: In Translation

I like this episode where so many things seem one way are revealed to be another way. You could say that this was one of Losts first "Gamechangers" The episode revolves around the raft and how it was burned and who did it. Jin was the probable culprit since he had fought with Michael over Sun and over the watch when it was actually Walt who did it because he wanted to stay on the island and keep getting his Dads attention. But at the end of the episode we see the start of a great friendship between Jin & Michael.

For a long time we thought that Jin was a abusive jerk and that Sun was a throw rug, but then we found out that Sun had been lying about speaking english and later about an affair and being the one responsible for Jin having to work for her Father and that Jin is actually a kind and honorable man.

Its also interesting that Locke plays detective so to speak about the raft when later we find out that he had prevented Sayid's attempt at getting off the island. But it was more interesting that he was able toke read Walt like a book in figuring out that he had been the one to set the raft on fire.

So many changes in relationships in this episode including the Shannon Sayid relationship. I never really saw them together, but to each his own. I would have prefered Kate & Sayid.

The best part was the moment after Sun yelled her first public words in english there was the very brief shocked look on her face like what have I done. Then she gained composure and stopped Sawyer from beating Jin up. Which after seeing Jin go all bruce Lee on Mikial I was wondering why he didn't defend himself, his abilities probably could have wasted Sawyers street fighting. But he probably didn't want to look more guilty.

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