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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Dynamics - Part One

With scenes compiled by Pa Burrows, Family Dynamics follows the relationship of Benjamin Linus and his adopted/abducted daughter Alex. Part One introduces Alex as a thorn in Ben's side, trying to help Kate and Sawyer escape from the Others' captivity and ends with a revelation her real mother may still be alive. Scene script written by Paul Burrows and video editing by Eddy Hansen - otherwise known as 4We8 and Edshrinker respectively. Part Two will be released shortly.

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Cheif Brody said...

No offense, Pa...But "Script written by"? Um...what script? The one's the LOST writer's wrote? You should leave it at "Scenes compiled by..."...otherwise...It's like me performing "For Those About to Rock" at karaoke...and claiming the lyrics were written by me! I'd have preferred the Alex compilation perhaps WITH a script...a narration telling us why you think these scenes are important to the Alex & Ben relationship.'s just a clip show. Ed does some solid editing work...but "Written by" means pen to paper, stroke to keys, or chisel to stone. I'd almost prefer you find some sappy "meaningful" father/daughter type music...and set the thing to to THAT and lose the dialog all together....a music video tribute to them, that matches the scenes you 'compiled' for them. I dunno...just a beef I had with I crazy?

Paul Burrows said...

Thank you for your feedback Chief. Although, I think that you are a bit confused. I didn't post the video or the words before it, Ed did. That was him that said that I wrote it. Frankly I don't see what it matters what words people use, I usually try to stay away from "Police tactics" or whatever you called it over at ACIN and let posters have the freedom to post or use whatever words that they like.

As for the video, I agree that it doesn't flow like the others, (My fault) but I was going for a story of Ben & Alex's relationship with out having Ed make a 5 part video and so some of the stories that weren't part of that theme didn't continue. Thats something that I will have to work on the next time that I work the clips together.

As for the music I didn't want sappy music, Its not Lost without Michael Giachino's music.

But I thank you for your feedback, its good to have someone keeping my honest.

Edshrinker said...

I wrote that Brody - Not Paul. I meant it in the context of scene script...a set of instructions I followed to produce the video. Don't get on him - it was my poor choice of words.

In my defense, I think we are all smart enough to extrapolate what I mean by the use of the term "script". Obviously the "show" Lost is penned by the Lost folks. Since I used "scenes compiled by" already once, I didn't want to repeat myself, so I chose "Script" to denote the same function. I don't think any writers of Lost will take offense at the use.

Edshrinker said...

"Scene script written by Paul Burrows and video editing by Eddy Hansen..."

There - all fixed.

Cheif Brody said...

Oh no, guys...Don't get me wrong...I love it...and Lord knows there's already a million-trillion Lost "Tribute" videos out there on YouTube land with the sappy music!! I was merely pointing out that "the person in charge of placing the scenes in their proper order" is NOT a function of a "writer"...But I get what you are saying, Ed...I suppose "Scenes compiled and arranged by..." is what Pa is actually doing...with you cutting them together. I guess the word "written" had me expecting there to be something NEW added to these already produced how the "Recap" LOST episodes have Peter Coyote interjecting new written material to "explain" some things and catch people up with what they missed. I guess I just miss seeing YOU guys involved more in the videos...instead of mere LOST clip compilation reels. Your thoughts & observations on these scenes and what they mean to you...and what you think TPTB are trying to tell us in these scenes. Or perhaps that's the function of the "write up" preceding the video...WRITE out why you picked these scenes...why you are showing them...and why in the order you have illicit discussion. This is NOT to take away from all the hard work you guys put into them...but I don't feel like I'm getting anything NEW here...I have the DVD's...I can watch any LOST scene I want in Hi Def. Why am I bothering to stop by Room 23 for LOST YouTube clips? BTW...I cannot get the paragraph break do-hickey thing in here to work!!! Any suggestions?!!

Edshrinker said...

Holy Swedish Meatballs Batman. that was a long one Chief (that's what she said).

I just hit enter enter and the spacing holds, buddy! Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be. ;-)

I like the idea of voice over work. There is someone we all know from the AICN TB that has an outstanding radio voice (Gotilk) That might jump to get involved. Originally, when I began the whole Room 23 Productions goofoff, I thought we would do alot of self-stuff in addition to theme/clip type stuff. It is so time consuming and hard to coordinate & we have to do our parts separately and then combine (2 in Cal-eee-forn-ya, one in Canada, eh?, and me in NC). No one wants my ugly mug every time - if I can't get the others on camera, I really don't want to do it. And so far - only Fishy has been able to help out with anything - and that was minimal.

So that leaves us with clip stuff. I really like the voice over idea. You know - I may just try a little experiment with Pa's Family Dynamics video. I'll do one with some voiceover ideas and one without. See how it goes.

Napoleon Park said...

Great viddy, guys, however you split the credit. (I think "scene selection" would be accurate enough.)

It took me a while to figure out "just type" after having had to learn the < p > breaks for AICN.

I like the "lost scene" material. So weird to see the all-knowing Benjamin having so-typical father/teenager problems.

And I love the moment at about point 5:45 when Sawyer kind of begins to get hypnotized by the indoctrination loop film and Kate has to scream at him to get his attention.

Napoleon Park said...

And I love that when I tried to give "< p >" without the breaks as an example, blogger replied "html not accepted" and I had to enter the spaces. Gotta love them internets.