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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Numbers Transmissions & Dharma Stations Polls

After awile without a new poll I decided to create two new ones. Please use the comment section to explain your ideas about who created the Numbers transmission and why you choose the Dharma Station that you choose.

Rouseau said that the island's radio tower had been transmitting the numbers and that she erased it to transmit her message. Who do you think made the numbers transmision?

Piere Chang or another member of Dharma
Daniel Faraday
Someone else that we haven't met yet
Someone else that we have met

If all of the Dharma stations were equiped with living facilities which one would you want to live & work at?

The Swan
The Flame
The Pearl
The Tempist
The Hydra
The Looking Glass
The Staff
The Orchid


Paul Burrows said...

I choose The Looking Glass because I knew that Greta & Bonnie would be stationed there. He He

HoboCode said...

Great answer, Paul! I would have to go with The Flame myself. I like the fresh air. And the free range beef.