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Friday, August 15, 2008

Lost Star's Big Payday

Matthew Fox, Lost ABC/ART STREIBER

Matthew Fox is standing atop an island of cash.

The Lost star has inked a new deal that gives him a 50 percent raise, bringing his salary to an estimated $225,000 per episode, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The 42-year-old Fox, who plays the hit ABC drama's reluctant hero, Dr. Jack Shephard, previously earned about $150,000 for each Lost segment aired. But his reps had quietly been negotiating a sizeable bump with producers that paid off in this week's pact.

A publicist for the drama declined to comment, but an insider close to the show told E! News there were "inaccuracies" in the report.

Following suit, other key players on the show—such as Evangeline Lilly, who plays Jack's love interest, Kate—are said to be renegotiating their contracts for hefty increases.

As well they should, considering cocreators and executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have previously stated they only have 34 episodes left to go before the Emmy-winning action-adventure mystery series ends its riveting six-season run in 2010.

The last pay hike Lost castmembers received was in January 2006, when ABC Studios raised their salaries by $80,000 an episode. But as the series' de facto lead, Fox purportedly nabbed a bonus estimated at $250,000.

Shooting on Lost's fifth season gets under way on Monday. (W00t)



Napoleon Park said...

Dr. Jack. Beardy Dr. Go-Back Jack. Over a fifth of a MILLION DOLLARS! (pronounced with Dr. Evil inflection) per episode? Really?
Sum of a bishop!

$225,000.00 @ epis0de
$1,125,000.00 for five episodes. That's one and an eighth million dollars.
$3,600,000.00 for one sixteen episode season.
$7,200,000.00 for 34 episodes.

In network economic terms, ABC should try to get Jack killed off as early in season five as possible. "Lead" or no, and Brighteyes fandom or no, I think the show could go on without him. Let Kate, Juliet and Cassidy fight it out over Sawyer. Losing jack wouldn;t even break the link to Christian since he's also Claire's babydaddy.

In real world terms, a single human being who owns a home and has about $225,000.00 in savings could put that money in a bank - just in CDs, no gambling on stocks - and pay their bills, expenses, insurance and taxes on the interest and never have to work again in their life (unless their capitol is impacted by a major medical or legal expense).
Of course they would be living at, near or just above the poverty level, but they would be alive, set for life and free to pursue other activities. One person, set for life. And he makes that much in a week for, at most, memorizing ten or fifteen minutes of dialog and maybe doing a couple of stunts?

Does anybody wonder why bitter poor people resent rich people and are glad when scandalous mishaps befall celebrities?

Paul Burrows said...

In some respects I actually agree with you NP. While I don't wish harm to come to Mr. Fox & I love his character Jack I have always thought that Actors were paid to much. ABC/ Bad Robot should take some of that money and give it to some of the behind the scenes talent. Like Cameramen, Storyboard Artists, Make-Up people and everyone else who but their butts every day just to make the Actors look great.