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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Redemption of Michael Dawson - Part Five

Based upon the idea and outline of the LOST AICN TB crew member Node/HoboCode, this project brings us the Michael Dawson arc throughout the show LOST.

The Finale.

We follow Michael on the final steps toward redemption as he makes the ultimate sacrifice for his friends...and his soul.

Thank you to everyone who watched all five parts. And a special thanks to Nodey who constructed the outline for the story, right down to where I could find the clips I needed. Great job Node and wonderful idea for a story. It goes without saying this wouldn't have happened without your work.

You Tube Link:


HoboCode said...

Great job, ed. Really. Thanks for all your hard work. I liked the montage at the end. Choked me up a bit.

Paul Burrows said...

Great job as always Ed & great job picking out clips. I really liked the Walts scene at the end.

Edshrinker said...

I especially pleased with working that little clip in of Lost original music with the Michael Montage. It fit the emotion and the length perfectly. One of those little things that make or break something to me.

Thanks for the kudos guys.