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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Latest from Ausiello

Not too earth-shattering, yet a little blurb from Ausiello in EW:

Question: I, for one, am psyched that Michelle Rodriguez is returning to Lost. But my question pertains to your scoop last week about the casting of Darlene and Jill, or Doc Jensen's theoretical analysis of your scoop. Was he suggesting what I think he was suggesting? -- Dawn
Ausiello: I don't know what you think he was suggesting. But I think he was suggesting that that the left-behinders got tossed back in time when Ben cranked the donkey wheel, and we're about to get a glimpse of the early Dharma days!

Source: EW


Capcom said...

Great blog. And the station map illustration is awesome! :-D

Char said...
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Paul Burrows said...

Thanks Capcom, I really enjoyed creating the station map and with the help of some friends this blog. Please keep coming back! I checked out your Lost blog and enjoyed your thoughts about different topics.

Napoleon Park said...

I made a point not to discuss the "spoiler" that AnaLucia would be back for an episode at AICN after they ran that article. but it didn't seem major and I doubted it was the kind of thing people could keep secret until January. Now that it's posted out in the open here with no button or invisotext, does that mean the spoiler ban is lifted on that topic?
As I recall, the Other reason for creating this blog (Other than banning trolls) was to avoid spoilers. So if it's up here, it's not a spoiler, right?
Just tryin' to play by the rules.

Paul Burrows said...

Thank you NP for trying to play by the rules. I would say that something like this has pretty much leaked out to the major Media news sources and I would bet that EW will report it in this Fridays issue. But let me know if it bothers you not to have it under a button and we will fix it.

Capcom said...

Thanks Paul! :-D

Also, yeah, EW has apparently been emailing out its usual updates to people with the Ana L. thing in the subject. So it's pretty much all over, whether one wanted to hear it or not. For me, I don't mind so much hearing about who's in an episode, but I don't want to hear what they are doing in it. But for other fans it's a biggie that they don't want to hear about.

I guess that we can expect anyone who's dead to show up some time or another anyway. :-o