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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Obsession Of Benjamin Linus

Scenes compiled by Paul Burrows (4we8have15to16go23back42).
Video Produced By Eddy Hansen (Edshrinker).

It takes quite a bit to knock Benjamin Linus off his game.
The following story demonstrates one of Ben's few weaknesses
in the form of Dr. Juliet Burke. And when something...or someone, gets
in the way of something Ben wants, the results can be deadly.

Had to say it. The Juliet Video is now "In the Can"


Napoleon Park said...

Two of the best syllables ever: "you're mine!"
Great sequencing and editing, guys. The abrupt transition from Godwin's "What can Ben do?" to Oceanic 815 breaking up in mid-air is chilling. What can't he do?

Napoleon Park said...

IF the viddy won't run for you here in The Room, head straight over to YouTube. here's the link Ed posted at AICN:

And here's the "My Name Is TinyUrl" version:

Well worth the effort, brilliant clip.

Edshrinker said...

Great sequencing and editing. Oh I wish I could take credit for it NP, but that shows the brilliance of our show. That was original footage, moving right from one scene to the other in "The Other Woman". All I had to do is grab it all in one clip. I love that sequence as well. What can Ben do Indeed.

Thanks for the plug just the same NP. That 10 minute limit of You Tube is much harder than you would think.