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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 Saturday: V Panel

Just like yesterday Morena Baccarin came out with blond hair to the surprise of many, but they assured the crowd that her hair would be back to normal before shooting. The panel started out with a clip reel of the key moments of the first season. Then they started talking about season 2.

-We will find out the true intentions of the V's and what they look like under the human skin.

-We will find out what the Red Storm is in the first shots of the Premiere.

-Elizabeth Mitchell was asked what makes her role as Erika different then her other roles. She answered that she's a Mom and has to keep a job. She was also asked about having to fly back and forth for awhile with both Lost and V, she said that she really loved both casts and that both felt like she was at home.

-We will see Erika's Ex again along with her Mother. There will also be a new 5th Column group which will clash with Erika's group.

-Lisa will be pushed further toward Erika and Tyler will be pushed further towards Anna. It will be revealed why Anna is interested in Tyler. Also how long the V's have been on the earth. what history the V's have affected and what they plan to do to us.

-We will see some of the V home planet when we are introduced to a new character named Diana.

-There will be a lot more backstory revealed on Erika, Jack and Hobbs.

-In season 2 Ryan's baby will play a huge part with Anna trying to figure out how to use it as a weapon. There will also be a more international feel this season.

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