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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic-Con 2010 Saturday: Lost Encyclopedia Panel

-Release date moved back to mid September or October.

-They started out showning a clip from the season 6 DVD bonus disc of Mark Pellegrino on being the island protector and choosing Jack to take his place. Nothing huge, but it was cool being able to see it.
- They also showed page layout of the book and they look really awesome. They are going to be super detailed and all of the entries will be in alphabetical order.
-There will be close ups of props .
-Along with layouts to all of the Dharma Stations.-But this book will not fill holes of unanswered questions. They talked about how they love Lostpedia and other websites, but once they got the job of doing this they decided to not go to those sites anymore. They really tried to not put their own interpretations in the book, but to only write about what was in the actual show and webisodes. -They wanted to do a Family connections map, but it would have been to huge. But there wil be a box on each characters page that will lead to all of the characters that they are connected to.
-They had access to the Temple sets and the translation to all of the eygptian symbols.
I got in line to ask a question and the kid in front of me was the actor was Sterling Beaumon (Little Ben) and there was tons of cameras going off which blinded me! LOL He asked if Annie would be in the book (I'm assuming that he was one of the special guests that the guide had mentioned. They said that there would be some stuff in there on her.-When it was my turn I asked if there would be a diffinative map of the island and just like Darlton would do they called a polar bear to come out and grunt about it as a distraction as if they had that planned all along. I asked them again afterwards and they confirmed that they would not have a map in the book. They had wanted to, but that Darlton said that they wanted to leave it to the imagination.

Afterwards I gave them each a set of my Trading Cards. I really can't wait for this to come out.

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