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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

EW Doc Jensen: 'Lost': The 'Dead Is Dead' Zone

Ben takes center stage in tonight's episode, and Doc Jensen dares to dream that means it'll be a classic. Plus: The time-travel debate revisited, probing ''innocence,'' and more

LONG LIVE BEN Tonight's ''Dead Is Dead'' episode promises to put Michael Emerson at center stage -- and for Doc Jensen, that raises hope for greatness

Do I dare hope for all-time Lost greatness? Because that's usually what happens when Darth Ben takes center stage. (See: ''The Man Behind The Curtain,'' in which we witnessed Ben's tragic origins and got our first [and only] fleeting glimpse of Jacob; and ''The Shape of Things To Come,'' in which Ben beheld the sight of Alex's assassination and uttered, ''He changed the rules,'' thus launching his V for Vendetta persecution of Charles Widmore.)

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