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Thursday, May 14, 2009

EW: Doc Jensen: 'Lost' recap: Starting Over

Jack and company take an audacious step to change their history in the shocking season finale, and we finally meet Jacob and begin to understand what's at work on the Island

TOGETHER TIL THE END Despite the fact that she vowed to stop him last week, Kate took her place by Jack's side, backing his final play

By Jeff Jensen
'Ladies and gentlemen, please make the acquaintance of Jacob, the fishy-frying, list-writing maybe-God of the Island. About time, don't you think? No longer an Easter egg flickering in the shadows of a derelict cabin (if he was ever that to begin with), the Ultimate Other of Lost became incarnate in last night's exhilarating, heartbreaking, and I can't believe they ended it THERE! infuriating season finale, entitled ''The Incident.'' Curious fellow, this Jacob. He's a sunny optimist — a big believer in evolutionary ''progress.'' Ditto the whole notion of ''free will.'' He's also, like, really really nice, though he does have this weird thing about touching people. You caught that, right? In ''The Incident,'' we got flashbacks showing that Jacob was present at key moments in the off-Island lives of many Lostaways, like when John Locke got tossed out the window by his bad dad or during Jack Shephard's apocryphal ''count to five'' fear-squelching episode. Each of these close encounters included a conspicuous touch — Jacob laying his hands on Jin and Sun at their wedding to offer a blessing, Jacob brushing fingers with Young James Ford as he gave him a pen, Jacob tapping Young Kate on the nose after bailing her out of a shoplifting jam. Everyone he met got touched.


Edshrinker said...

I love you man. BUt WAAAAAAAAAY too much time on your hands

Edshrinker said...

I'm sooooo sorry dude - i didn't realize it It was a DOC article.

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