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Friday, May 1, 2009

My Thoughts on The Variable

Eloise & Charles
Eloise Hawking is interesting like most of the Lost characters because she is very complex. She has the ability to know how things are supposed to turn out ether through having lived through things already, had the ability to read Faraday’s journal or by an ability to predict the future like Desmond did. Ether way she bound by the destiny that she believes is the only way that things can happen.

Both Eloise & Charles have manipulated a lot of people in order to gain their personal desired result. Eloise out of Destiny & Charles’s to get what he wants, namely return to the island. Both of them knew that Daniel was the Variable needed to set things right on the island after the purge and other things that went wrong. Preparing Daniel and sending him to the island has started a domino effect that they hope will help them achieve their goals.

Faraday’s Destiny
A few things to consider, Widmore sent Daniel to the island to get healed knowing that he would die. Widmore has never really shown a belief in Destiny so why would he send him unless he somehow knew all of Daniel’s experiments and that Faraday would be able to somehow change things, kind of like planting a seed. Daniel himself spoke about Variables and how he and the rest of their group were the variables in the equation.

Another idea, Daniel just strolled into the camp waving a pistol like he wanted to be killed. Which makes me also think that he knew exactly what he was doing. Even though getting shot was something that always happened he knew that allowing himself get killed would start the domino effect of time regulating itself and thus fixing all of their problems. Whether he’s really dead or will get some island healing or comeback to life via what he has set in motion remains to be seen. But ether way I doubt that we have seen the last of him. Usually when someone dies they are bound to show up again. Just look at Ethan, Tom, Goodwin, Libby, Ana Lucia & Charlie. Sometimes when a character gets killed we actually see more of them ether in flashbacks or as a ghost. Plus the fact that we still have to see what Dan told Little Charlotte and what he was doing at Ann Arbor for 3 years. But we’ll probably see that next year.

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