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Thursday, May 7, 2009

EW: Doc Jensen: 'Lost' Recap: Taking Charge

While Jack tries once again to save them all, Locke embarks on a mission of his own

IN SYNC? Kate could not get behind Jack's plan to erase their history

By Jeff Jensen
''Follow The Leader,'' the episode instructed, but what are you supposed to do if your leaders are off-their-Jacob-rockers crazy? Here's Jack Shephard, wild-eyed destiny zealot, determined to detonate an H-bomb hidden in the ancient tunnels of the Island in order to produce a paradox that will rewrite history. Crazy. And Kate let him know it, revolting and vowing to work against him, though he gained an ally in ''My Life Sucks'' Sayid. Here's John Locke, glowing with a supreme, even ethereal self-confidence that felt downright disconcerting, driving his tribe of wilderness-wandering Others toward a face-to-face meeting with their mercurial and never-seen god, Jacob. Crazy. And Richard Alpert and Benjamin Linus were freaked out about it — but Sun was willing to roll behind Locke if he could lead her back to Jin. (But will he? Does he even want to? Who is this creepy man-thing dressed up in John Locke's skin?) I loved the beat before the final BONG!, when Ben threw Alpert under the bus and pretended to pledge allegiance to Locke — classic Ben, trying to gain control by sewing seeds of doubt and chaos — only to have Locke blow up his scheming by dropping the J-bomb on him. I'm gonna go kill Jacob. Ben's bug eyes practically popped out of his skull. On one hand, it was thrilling to see Jack and John large and in charge. They acted like heroes...but we were left with the unsettling possibility that their respective endeavors will make them out to be horrible, misery-producing villains by season's end. And there remains the haunting prospect that both are actually being played by puppet masters hiding in the shadows...or even walking among them in plain sight.

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