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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

EW: Doc Jensen: 'Lost': Juliet's Odyssey

Doc Jensen's post-finale thoughts focus on the woman who may foretell the essential storyline for season 6. Plus: The start of Doc Jensen's Hiatus Reading List, a ''Lost'' character as Oedipus, an update on that Survey, and a new Totally Lost

R.I.P., JULIET BURKE She may be gone (emphasis on the may) but as this week's Doc Jensen column shows, she won't soon be forgotten

By Jeff Jensen
Mourning Juliet, Nausicaa-Isis. PLUS! Meet the secret father-killing, mother-humping Oedipus of Lost!

In the aftermath of last week's season finale, ''The Incident,'' there has been much gnashing of teeth and shredding of hairshirts over the death of Juliet Burke, who tumbled down a Swan hole and may have incinerated post-September 2004 history. I, too, am sad to see her go, and much more sad to see the departure of Elizabeth Mitchell, whose simultaneously sad and steely performance — assayed with cool and witty understatement — was a great gift to the series. I hear Mitchell — who has been tapped to headline ABC's reboot of the cheez-o-riffic sci-fi series V — may appear next season in cameo spots. I hope so: Juliet's romance with Sawyer was one of season 5's biggest surprises and creative successes, and I have to think that if Mitchell were available, Lost would want to explore this storyline, or give it just one more beat of closure. Here's how I think they would do it:

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