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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mysteries Poll

I know that this poll doesn't end until this time next year, but I thought that I would post the as of now poll results and talk about what has been answered in full or part.

Top ten mysteries that must be answered or lost will be ruined for you. (Please only check ten boxes)

Adam and Eve (black and white stones)
202 (52%)
Nothing yet, but strong hints in that direction in the future.

Four toed statue
252 (65%)
We have seen the front and side and found out that Jacob lives under the statue, but I'm betting theres more to come.

Jacob and the roving shack
293 (75%)
Lots of info in the finale, but there still a lot more to find out.

179 (46%)
No real answers yet

The Smoke Monster
304 (78%)
Possible hints at what it is, we know that it lives in the temple basement and that it travels through a tunnel system.

Black Rock and Nigerian Cessna & the Tunsian Polar Bear
136 (35%)
Not a lot of new info on the Black Rock, but I think that we know about as much info that we are going to about the drug plane & the African Polar Bear.

Dharma purge/hostiles
99 (25%)
With the time jumping finished we probably won't get much more on the purge. Unless theres a Richard, Widmore or Eloise flashback.

Richard Alpert age & toe count
236 (60%)
We just know that he has been in his role for a long time now.

"The Incident"
148 (38%)
finished in the finale.

Walt's specialness
201 (51%)
He might be back next season since there won't growth issues. (I hope)

Glass eye
12 (3%)
That story probably won't get told.

Rousseau's Story with details about science team & how Montand lost his arm
66 (17%)
was told this season.

Fertility issues
122 (31%)
the statue was holding a fertility symbol so it will probably be told next season.

Claire's "psychic" Will great danger come from Kate raising Aaron?
117 (30%)

Paik's watch
14 (3%)
finished last season

Freightie missions & stories
22 (5%)
We might get more of Miles story, hopefully a Frank flashback along with what Faraday was doing in Ann Arbor.

Libby's story
90 (23%)
According to Darlton her story is finished. His story is also finished. We got some, but there more to come.

Abbaddon's story
63 (16%)

Widmore's relationship to the island
185 (47%)
Co-Leader of the 1950's - 1990's Others with Eloise, more to be revealed

Ben & Widmore's relationship
242 (62%)
More to be revealed.

What is the island?
274 (70%)
More to be revealed.

Votes so far: 387
Days left to vote: 761

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