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Monday, May 18, 2009

A pregnancy related theory from Popular Mechanics

Lost's Nuclear Burial Leaves Room for Leaks: Back in this season's third episode, "Jughead,", Daniel Faraday instructed Ellie (who we now know is his mother!) and the rest of Others to bury the bomb "carefully." From what we saw last night, the Others interpreted those directions very loosely. The bomb wasn't buried so much as it was stored in the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the island. And it definitely wasn't encased in lead or a cement housing in order to contain any of radiation that the bomb could possibly be leaking.

One can only wonder if this is why, a few decades down the line, women on the island start to encounter problems during pregnancy, eventually leading to the deaths of both mother and baby sometime during the second trimester. Nuclear bomb expert Ivan Oelrich, vice president for the strategic security program at the Federation of American Scientists, previously explained to us that without proper burial, the plutonium from the hydrogen bomb could leak into the ground water. Plutonium exposure is obviously not healthy for pregnant women (or anyone else, for that matter), and has been associated with birth defects and stillbirth. We've also speculated that the four-toed statue, which has characteristics of Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, may have something to do with the fertility issues—but the Jughead hypothesis provides a different answer more deeply rooted in science.

--By Erin Scottberg

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