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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lost KOS Hummer Tour

While My Wife and I were in Hawaii celebrating our 10th Anniversary we took a Lost tour with the company KOS Tours Inc. It was awesome the tour guide Jeff showed up in a Hummer and drove us around downtown and pointed out where Desmond & Charlie drove into the water in the Flash Sideways, the Marina where Ben shot Desmond, The interior & exterior (shot in different locations where Christian ran into Sawyer, the church where Desmond's Monistary & Daniels Oxford were shot. We returned later to try and find some of the locations which are in a later post.

Then we went up the Nuuana Pali Drive and we stopped at the place where They filmed the outside gate of Anthony Cooper's Home. Jeff told us that the small guard house was added just for the shot and then taken away. We weren't able to take pictures during the begining of the tour so I don't have photos of this.

After that we drove on the Nuuanu Pali Drive and stopped along the side of the road and he told us to look closely across the road because that area was where they shot the scenes when Ben & Locke visited Jacob's Cabin, Eko's death, where the Smoke Monster killed the Pilot and the tree where Hurley ghost whispered between Richard & Isabella. He told us that the film crew had cleared the area to film the scene and that Jeff and another tour guide had later visited the place after the episode aired and everything had already grown back. Thing grow that fast in Hawaii.


Meg said...

Awesome pictures of the tour! Which one did you take? My friends and I are going this summer and will definitely be doing the 10 hour tour, but we're not sure if we should do the five hour tour too. What do you think!

Paul Burrows said...

We did the 5 hour tour, but our tour guide Jeff was nice enough to show us where a few of the 8/10 hour locations were like the crash beach and new Otherton. From what I understand theres a number of places that are only visited in the 2/5 hours tours and a number of locations only visited in the 8/10 hour tours with some overlapping. We were pretty happy with our tour, but theres a few 8 hour tour places that would have been nice. One word of warning though I asked if I would need bug repelant for our tour and they told me no, but we would have had to if we would have taken the 8 or 10 hour tours since those two actualy go into the jungle/forest areas and theres water areas that bugs hang out. So make sure to pack bug repelant!