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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"LOST Humanity" by Pearson Moore‏

I was recently made aware of Pearson Moore's "Lost Humanity" and was able to read a chapter of his book on his website and I have to say that I'm very impressed. Pearson dives deep into all of the references on LOST and is able to make you think about it all in a different way that brings things together in a more concise and simple way. I highly recomend that you purchase this book via Amazon or in ebook form.

Book Discription:

First Chapter:

How to Purchase:

His Words:

"LOST Humanity" just published on Amazon. I wrote the book for everyone with an intense interest in the show, and thought you might enjoy taking a look at it.

I'm calling "LOST Humanity" a "post-graduate course in LOST." I assume throughout that anyone reading the book has seen every episode, so I waste no time with introductory or recap-type material--it's just hard-hitting analysis from cover to cover. People have really taken a liking to the four "nonlinear" types of analysis in the book, and especially the chaos-based analysis regarding Lorenz Attractor pairs. It was fun to write, and apparently fun to read, too!

You can read more about "LOST Humanity" here: It is available here:
All you need to read it is a computer, ipad, or mobile phone. You can download FREE Kindle software for your computer or device at Amazon.

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