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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Lighthouse Poll results

What did you think of "Lighthouse"?

I looked into Jacob's mirror and the episode was AWESOME
22 (73%)

It was as plain as the writing on Hurley's arm that it was GREAT
6 (20%)

2 (6%)

As BAD as 7 years of bad luck
0 (0%)

As HORRIBLE as an ax to the chest by feral Claire.
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 30

What did you think of "Lighthouse"?

Jack and Dogens frank conversation
2 (10%)

Hurley writing Jacob's instructions on his arm.
5 (25%)

Jack & his Mom looking for Christian's will.
0 (0%)

Jack running into Dogen at the Williams Conservatory audition.
4 (20%)

Hurley telling Dogen that he's a candidate and can do what he wants.
11 (55%)

Jack actually offering Kate the chance to come with him.
1 (5%)

Jack finding Shannons inhaler
2 (10%)

Jack and Hurley at the cave with the coffin and Adam and Eve.
9 (45%)

Jack and Hurley trekking through the jungle while talking about why they returned to the island.
7 (35%)

The Lighthouse
8 (40%)

Jacob's device to see Candidates
12 (60%)

Hurley's conversation with Hurley
5 (25%)

Jack and David's Father/Son moment
5 (25%)

Claire's Skull baby
7 (35%)

Finding out that Claire's friend was the Man in Black.
5 (25%)

Votes so far: 20

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