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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Sundown" Poll Results

What did you think of "Sundown"?

As AWESOME as Sayid and Dogen's fight
19 (73%)

It was GREAT to see Keemy again!
3 (11%)

Just OK
3 (11%)

As BAD as being shot, stabbed or drowned by Sayid
1 (3%)

As HORRIBLE as stabbing the Man in Black and realizing that he can't be killed.
1 (3%)

Votes so far: 26

What were your favorate moments in "Sundown"?

Seeing Nadia again
3 (11%)

More Cindy
1 (3%)

Sayid and Dogen's Fight
17 (65%)

Sayid stabbing MIB and realizing that he wasn't dead
13 (50%)

Dogen's backstory
5 (19%)

Sayid killing Dogen and Lennon
11 (42%)

Kates 2 minutes with Claire
2 (7%)

Ilana, Frank and Ben showing up
5 (19%)

The Smoke Monster barreling through the Temple
12 (46%)

Keemy and Omar!
9 (34%)

Sayid finding Jin
6 (23%)

Kate, Claire, Sayid and the Others following The Man in Black into the jungle
15 (57%)

Votes so far: 26

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