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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dominic Monaghan Cast in 'Fortuna'

Submitted by Oscar Dahl

Dominic Monaghan had a nice, long run on Lost. His portrayal of Charlie, the heroin-addicted former rock star, was nuanced and integral to the overall Lost mythology, and most fans were very sad to see him go. For an actor, leaving a well-paying consistent job on a popular television show can be difficult, especially for someone like Monaghan, who doesn't possess movie star looks and who will most likely have to spend his career working smaller roles. Dominic has just been cast in a new science fiction film set in the year 2100 called Fortuna. The film takes place in a bleak and depressing future, where climate change and a struggling economy has created a vast chasm between the wealthy and everyone else.

Fortuna is about a game that the wealthy have concocted to give the impoverished hope in the depressing times they live in. In the game Fortuna, one thousand desperate contestants vie to win a spot amongst the wealthy. However, there is more to the game than the participants would like to believe – none of the contestants are ever seen from again, which puts the elite class's goal of reducing poverty by 30% over the next 50 years in a much different light. Dominic Monaghan and Freddie Rodriguez (Six Feet Under) play contestants who enter into the game, despite their skepticism. Barthelemy Grossmann, who wrote the script and will direct, also will portray a contestant. Shooting begins November 10 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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