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Saturday, October 25, 2008

LOST - Season 5 The First Look

Two things stood out to me in the promo:

* Locke looks down to the palm of his hand...and he is holding the compass Alpert brought in his bag of tricks back when Locke was a boy
* Faraday approaches the door to a Dharma station, and someone comes out with a rifle in full bio-hazard gear. Could it be the Swan station? If they traveled back in time, the island may have reverted to it's previous state - which would include all the Dharma folks and people in the stations doing the assigned work.

Love to hear your thoughts. There are several other juicy hints in the promo...what did YOU see???


Capcom said...

Good stuff!

Lots of talk about time looping going around, but you never know with these promos, they can be very misleading.

I can't wait to see what Dan is up to. I'm guessing for now that he's gone back in time somehow, and that might be what is shown in the "past" scenes. If so, he could see things that we've seen already and know to exist. Does he meet Kelvin and Desmond?!

Bring on the DHARMA creepiness!

Edshrinker said...

Amen to that CAPCOM

Paul Burrows said...

When I saw someone come out of the Hatch door in the Quarentine I was thinking what if Daniel somehow becomes Kelvins partneer? I one who created the blastdoor map and blew his brains out?