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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lost Comic-Con Panel

I know this is way late, but theres been so many other things to post and with Rizzo's awesome report I didn't feel that I needed to hurry. I met up with Rizzo in the line that morning and hung out with a bunch of awesome Lost fans. EW's Jeff Jenson, Dan who do the episode reports and Totally Lost were there that morning working the crowds. We were let in an hour before the panel and I was able to get really close to the microphone. Unfortunately I looked down for a moment and a bunch of people ran up to the Mic and I was probably 10th in line, which if they would have made more time for questions I might have gotten up there. But it was still cool being able to be so close. I ended up sitting next to the girl in the picture that looked a lot like Naomi. I wish that I could have asked a question, but all in all it was a really cool experience. My favorite part was when Michael Emerson came out and started berating Jorge Garcia.

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anna naranja said...

shame i missed you in the line but it was awesome to see you again at the panel!!! TWAS FATE... :)