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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Polar Bear Site info

Well, this was posted tonight on Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear dot com:

Looks like we are getting a string of live events, (hopefully around the country) for a band that is going under the name of Banana Split, presented by the Dharma Initiative.

I clicked around to the bottom links and found this:

"If you're on this webpage, it means you're onto something very cool. We admit it. You got us. But, please keep in mind that you can participate right from your living room. Sometimes, it might even help not to go anywhere at all. But everything can happen for you, and you'll have a great experience, just staying at home watching our website(s). Which is cool. There is no alternate reality, just reality. And if you do find yourself wanting to go somewhere outside of your house because of this webpage, even after us telling you it's not necessary, no matter where you live, we ask you to be courteous, extremely safe and know we would never ask you to do anything against the law or that could put you or anyone else in harm's way. We would never ask you to trespass and just like your Driver's Ed teacher, we discourage speeding or any sort of unsafe driving. To sum it up, everyone has a chance to get what we got, no matter where you are, so let's keep it calm, people."

Hoping we can find more on this and they post ways for us to find things in the coming weeks.

Just a strange twist to what the site was. Not sure we can get back to the older posts and videos. Hmmmm.

Well, over to the long running seaosn 5 finale thread on AICN.

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