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Monday, January 11, 2010

Josh Holloway on Ellen on Wednesday

Message from Ellen -- Week of January 11 - 15 (From her newsletter and it's on her website.)

Happy New Year, everybody! I can't believe we're already back at work. I haven't even had time to take down my decorations. From Halloween. The first week of 2010 was busy -- and exciting! I announced my goal for 2010. And it's a good one. World domination. I didn't want this year's goal to be all about me. I wanted it to be about everyone on the planet. And me. My first order of business was to open up our contests to my Canadian viewers. "Aboot time, eh?"
World domination won't be easy, and I'm gonna need to be in great shape. That's why I bought this new exercise machine. I can still feel the burn. And the shame.
I also found out that I was featured in the cartoon Broom Hilda this week. I don't think I've ever laughed that much. Sober.
Next week is gonna be busy as well. I'm starting a new job. It's on a little show called "American Idol." Not sure anyone has heard of it, but I'm excited.
And, we're going to have some amazing guests on the show. Josh Holloway from "Lost" is going to tell me how the series ends! By that I mean, I'm gonna lock him in his dressing room until he tells me how the series ends.
And, my friend Mary J. Blige is celebrating her birthday by coming here to perform. I love her, and her music. I also love sharing new musical talent with you. So when two young women posted a video of themselves singing for me on YouTube, I invited them to come sing for you. Your ears can thank me later.
Also, the World Champion of Magic, Shawn Farquhar is gonna be here. He's incredible. I can't tell you what he's gonna do, but I'll give you a hint -- it's magical.
I've got to get back to this world domination thing (it's a lot of work!), so have a good weekend, and I'll see you next week.

Wednesday, January 13

The end is near! The end of "Lost," that is. The final season of the hit show (and one of Ellen's all-time favorites) starts this February. JOSH HOLLOWAY visits today to share some details about the highly anticipated season. Then, in her quest for world domination in 2010, Ellen is going to need some help! She'll get some tips on England from MATTHEW GOODE. He's stopping by to talk about his latest movies, "A Single Man" and the upcoming "Leap Year." Then, this year, the country music group GLORIANA made quite a name for themselves with their hit song "Wild at Heart." They even won the American Music Award over Lady Gaga for Best New Artist! Now they're here to perform their next hit, "How Far Do You Wanna Go?”

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