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A gathering place for those who love the ABC TV show Lost. This blog was started by a group of Fans who kept the Season 3 finale talkback at Ain't It going all the way until the première of the 4th season as a way to share images, news, spoilers, artwork, fan fiction and much more. Please come back often and become part of our community.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tribute to LOST Community

Namaste Room 23,
We just want you to know about an initiative, if you don’t know about it yet, that has risen because of the coming final season of the show. :’(

Following the example of “The Lord of the Rings” fans, that succeed to get the names of maaaaaaaaany fans around the world on the DVD credits as an extra, we hope to repeat that hit in Lost (with the release of the DVD/BluRay edition of the 6th season).

In other words, we ask for the inclusion of the fan’s names that have dwelt in the Internet communities for the last amazing six years and that have been part of the Lost phenomenon. It’s clear that Lost wouldn’t have been the same without the community ;)

There’s a group in Facebook and a Twitter account to support and follow this initiative.

Thank you, Namaste and good luck. :)


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