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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lost: How It Began

Why the most expensive pilot in TV history was worth every penny
Share Comments Add your comment Cursed numbers. Hidden hatches. Miracle cures. Tropical polar bears. Wrinkles in time. Flashbacks, flash-forwards, and, yes, flash-sideways. Over the last six seasons, Lost has taken us on an adventure so trippy and labyrinthian, it's almost hard to remember how it all started. So before we reach the end of this magical mystery about a group of plane-crash survivors marooned on a freaky island, let us relive the story of the two-part Lost pilot, which in the fall of 2004 made jaws drop across the nation and raised hopes of what a network drama could be. Buckle up for a wild ride involving an out-of-control hunk of flaming metal, a furry killer pillow, and a sweaty Matthew Fox.

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Well this is a great blog and I plan on coming here often! Thank you for this!