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Monday, June 14, 2010

Where to Find AFFORDABLE Authentic LOST PROPS

Hi All!

It's time to let you in on a little discovery that I made recently, because I believe a good number of you just might freak out over this. I mean that. Literally. Freak. Out.

A few days ago I posted an introduction to my new friend, Hawaiian native Tina Lau, along with a very cool article she wrote about the impact LOST has had on Hawaii. It also featured some really special photographs of the cast members that most people haven't seen anywhere else. If you didn't read it, please check it out!

So, in addition to being a sister designer, photographer, and LOSTie, Tina is a also a fellow eBayer. And what she sells in her store, AllAccess808, is going to blow your mind more than a visit to Room 23.

You see, Tina sells LOST props.

That's right! She's acquired a healthy number of AUTHENTIC items from the past six years of the show that she's been selling on eBay to fans and collectors who want to own a real piece of television history. Many of you are already aware of the "official" prop auction that is going to be taking place this summer through Premiere Props, a famous auction house for all kinds of entertainment memorabilia. Over 1,000 of the most iconic items from LOST will be up for grabs and open to buyers around the globe. However, most of us "normal people" are more than likely not going to be able to afford what these pieces are more than likely going to sell for.

Enter Tina and her extremely amazing find that one Saturday afternoon in May. As she told me, "It was by luck that I acquired these items. At first, the prop warehouse sale was meant only for the crew members of the show but they had thousands of items and realized they had to open it to the public. They advertised it on Craigslist as a "TV Warehouse Sale" so they didn't get a lot of people."

That meant that Tina was able to get a lot of stuff, though. She has been selling everything from designer ties, to jewelry and other ladies' accessories, "knick-knacks", vases, glassware, lamps, and anything and everything else that you can think of that would go to create one of the many sets that we have seen on LOST over the years.  And as we all know, LOST has some very unique, even bizarre items on their sets.

Some of her most amazing acquisitions include items that are more familiar and that she has even been able to find screen-captures from the show to demonstrate exactly which episode(s) the items have showed up in. There's Sawyer's jewelry box, a rosary from the finale, items from both Kate's and Juliet's kitchens, items from Jack's desk, Jacob's tea kettle, even one of the light fixtures from Hurley's room at Santa Rosa.

Not to mention, she was even able to get Richard Alpert's old trunk that he had with him during his time living in one of the Others' tents. There's also one of the many DHARMA binders we have seen over the years in various offices on the Island. Oh yeah, and Tina even has the dartboard from the Swan Hatch itself!

The best part is, there is literally something for everyone here, as in, in everyone's price-range. I have seen items sell from as little as $0.99 on up. Of course the more iconic items are going to cost you a bit more, but still these prices are nowhere near what a prop from the Premiere Props auction is going to go for.

So why is Tina selling all of this great stuff? Well, although she is a LOST fan, she's not really that big of a collector. She really wants to give true fans an opportunity to get something from the show since she knows how much LOST means to so many of us.

In return, fans also get to help someone out, a freelancer just like yours truly who has really been affected by the current economy. So do know that by making a purchase it isn't like you are helping to line the pockets of some huge corporation like Disney, but instead just another fan of the show and of the entertainment industry in general. Fans helping much better does it get?

Besides, when was the last chance you had to own a piece of your favorite TV show?

So go do yourself a favor and take the next available submarine over to Tina's shop, AllAccess808 and pick yourself something out really cool. If it doesn't have a screen-cap, you can then devote some of your episode re-watch time to trying to find your item, kind of like a fun little LOST scavenger hunt!

You'll also want stop by Tina's Flickr account where she has several MORE pages of items photographed for your viewing (and buying) pleasure. Tina is selling her props outside of eBay as well, and so she is open to direct contact if you want to make her an offer on something in her album that you like.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do end up picking something up, or even just making Tina an offer on an item, PLEASE MENTION THAT Anna from The Four Toed Foot (4TF) SENT YOU! This would be VERY MUCH appreciated, as we're curious as to how many people this post is going to reach and help her bring into the shop.

Good luck to you all, and feel free to come back and post a comment so that you can share with us all what LOST item(s) you ended up getting. I will be posting my little prop collection soon so stay tuned!

HAVE A BLAST (without the C4 this time...)!!!



Paul Burrows said...

Looks pretty cool Anna, Thanks for posting this!

anna naranja said...

my pleasure! it's been a blast bidding on this stuff and knowing that i will soon have a box of actual items from LOST on the way. i am already a maniac LOST collector, so this stuff is pretty much going to be my pride and joy. it really needed to be shared with as many fans as possible so that everyone has the chance to get their own item from the show. it just has meant so much to so many people...and if so many folks are willing to drop big bucks for artwork, they will certainly be able to drop half the price of an ARG print for a real LOST prop!

let me know if you get something!!!