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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Win a dinner with Michael Emerson of Lost

You remember Michael Emerson on Lost as Ben, the creepy dude. But Michael Emerson is more than just a talented actor, he’s also a charitable guy!

Find out what Lost was all about from Ben Linus himself!

Emerson is working with The Irish Repertory Theatre for their 2010 Gala Auction on You can bid to have Dinner with Michael Emerson, Emmy Award winning star of LOST (Benjamin Linus).

This priceless gift is only at $500.00 and the money goes to a good cause! You have until June 17th, 2010 to bid on this and the other selections. Proceeds of this auction benefit The Irish Repertory Theatre.

Other items up for auction include an exotic six-night stay in Costa Rica, a Dozen Roses for a month, or a hot air balloon ride for four. You can even bid to have your living and dining rooms decorated for the holidays by film/tv/theater director Deirdre Brennan. In terms of TV, Brennan was a set designer for Guiding Light and Lipstick Jungle.

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