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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dharma Special Access E-Mail 11-25-08

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Cheif Brody said...

OK...So...I think layoffs hit the web dept of ABC...and THAT'S why the Dharma Initiative site has devolved into this 'sneak preview' site. Fine by me!

I didn't get this e-mail yet...but was able to log in anyways...which makes this 'exclusive' DSA privelege feel a lil less 'exclusive'. If Pa can simply forward the password to me...then ANYONE can get into this thing...sigh. Oh, well...the ARG was fun while it lasted, I suppose.

So, nuthin really earth shatteringly new in this first sneak peak. Darlton's intro was pretty funny...if pointless. The Kubrick Toys thing was cool...I'd love to have been there...a pic in front of that Swan Hatch mural would have been worth the wait! The "3 things you need to know about LOST" was a nice recap...obviously made for newbies...but always a fun ride to see how far we've come since Sept. 22nd, 2004.

Hope the next DSA update has a lil more NEW stuff in it! I'd even settle for a couple of "First Look" still pictures at this point! Thanks for forwarding the password, Pa!