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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Last Night: J.J. Abrams Launches Lost Kubrick Figurines at Meltdown Comics

by Nicole Campos
November 20, 2008 1:29 AM
Hey, Lost fans – did you hear about the big event at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood last night? The one launching the new line of Kubrick figures – the tiny Lego-plus-like figurines originated in Japan that have become all the rage amongst toy collectors – based on characters from the show? Figured you didn’t have the energy to trek down in the middle of the work week? You screwed up, man.

A veritable public staff meeting – with Sharpies! – was set up courtesy of the excellent Meltdown crew and ABC, including series creators J.J. Abrams (fresh off his super-exclusive press tour previewing footage from the upcoming Star Trek reboot) and Damon Lindelof; executive producers Bryan Burk, Jack Bender, Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Carlton Cuse; and writers Elizabeth Sarnoff, Paul Zbyszewski, Melinda Hsu Taylor, Kyle Pennington, and Brian K. Vaughan. As Cuse confirmed for us prior to the signing, it’s probably the most creative talent behind the hit show that had been gathered for any event that wasn’t Comic-Con… if not more. And yet it did seem as though the organizers expected a larger crowd, given all the placards and notices posted in the store that the team would not be able to chit-chat with the fans, please keep the line moving, etc. Nevertheless, for the ultimately healthy turnout that did show up, the Lost gang was more than happy to sign and banter with the enthusiastic fanboys ‘n’ fangirls for over an hour, while crews from the network shot one-on-ones and interview footage for next season's DVD release.

Meltdown’s back gallery, meanwhile, held a VIP spread including exclusive art by exec producer Bender and a plethora of Dharma Initiative props, including a whole pantry’s worth of food stuffs. (Ranch dressing composite, anyone? It’s Hurley’s favorite!) Also on show was the Kubrick line’s 1000%-sized “Be@rbrick” figurine, signed by the entire creative team and cast, which will be auctioned off at a later date to benefit the Children’s Defense Fund.

Despite the coolness on hand, however, the real action was up front with the merchandise, where the fans rifled through the Kubricks to find their favorite character. “My son really wants a Hurley!” one mom stated, disappointed to discover that the big guy had seemingly sold out. At least he wasn't one of the ultra-rare mystery figures... hot Scot Desmond only turns up twice in the large case assortments, while your chance of finding big, bad Others bigwig Ben is close to 1 in 100. “We haven’t even seen him yet,” the staffers sighed. Ah, well… the geeks will return to collect another day. Or there’s always eBay.

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