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Friday, November 14, 2008

New Lost Interviews

Hello my friends! Sorry I have been gone for so long, but I needed some healing after my dad, my best buddy, died last month. But I am back and on the ball!

This is from my favorite site, io9 - the link below.

The report:


What happens to Sun and Jin in season five? "My character's been isolated," says Yunjin Kim. "And she's scheming up all kinds of things. You get to see a new side of Sun." Also, there's tons of action in season five, says Daniel Dae Kim. And there are a lot of timelines going on at once. [EW via Doc Arzt]


Paul Burrows said...

Hey Man, its great to have you back and going at it again! Welcome back!

Edshrinker said...

Thanks Pa. Good to be back.