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Monday, November 10, 2008

LOST on Saturday Nights!?

Posted by The ODI at 22:22

Hey Losties,Yup that is right!! With LOST in syndication on several networks including SciFi, G4, and other various local affiliates, it seems like ABC has decided to repeat episodes of LOST on Saturday late at night.About a week ago I was driving home from work and it looked like a truck in front of me said LOST on it!? I sped up and sure enough it did!! So I pulled out my cell phone and was able to grab this pic!! The image was advertising LOST on Saturday nights!? Of course I was confused for a moment but realized that it was just advertising repeats of LOST on ABC.

So if you are sitting around on a Saturday night at 12:30AM or just want to rewatch some old episodes, make sure you check out ABC or set your TIVOs.

I am not sure if every local ABC affiliate is airing the show, but make sure check out your local listings.

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