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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"The Man Behind the Curtain" Poll

In "The Man Behind the Curtain" Ben asks Richard if he remembered birthdays. What was Ben refering to?

Richard is immortal

Richard is a time traveler

Richard ages backwards

Richard is a ghost/dead

Richard is the same as Jacob whatever that is

Something else (Leave Comment)

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Cheif Brody said...

I voted "Something Else".
I don't think Richard is an island 'native' at all. I believe he was a 'guinea pig' hatch dweller from the very early days of Dharma...who was a (unwilling?) participant in the Dharma "Life Extension Project". (Remember the old "Joop" site?)...I believe he aged normally to the point in his life that we see him now...He was experimented on...which SLOWED his aging process...(he now ages 1 year to everyone else's 10 years)...and eventually escaped from the experiment & helped lead the Dharma 'guinea pig' revolt against the early Dharma scientists, who were doing more harm than good on the island.
I think he banned together with some of the early 'test subjects', told them exactly what Dharma was up to, and the all fled their hatches (jails) to live like nomads on the island...occasionally revolting and attacking the Dharma scientists for food & supplies.
It is there when Richard learned how unique and special the island truly he recruited Ben to help him overthrow Dharma once and for he needed some 'help' from the inside. This led to 'The Purge'. short answer is...Alpert DOES age...just very, very slowly...thanks to Dharma.