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Sunday, September 13, 2009

D23 Disney Parks

Naked Abe, actually this was the original Abraham Lincoln that Walt Disney took to the World fair to prove that he could make an animatronic robot that could be used for rides and shows in the Parks. Which resulted in the Hall of Presidents. There were pictures of some of the Disney people in the Oval office with their special cameras to capture Barrack Obama's mannerisms for his entry into the Magic Kingdom Exhibit. This is the scale mock-up of two rides and a land that will be added to Hong Kong Disney. A Grizzly Bear Roller Coaster (I didn't know that China had Grizzlies) Mystic Manor their version of The Haunted Mansion/Indiana Jones, but different story and Toy Story Land. One of the Imagineers gave and actual pitch for Mystic Manor. Its a story about this Victorian Scientist/ Collector of Artifacts who allows people to come and visit to see all of his treasures. When you visit he shows you a cursed treasure that had just arrived. His pet monkey messes around with it and it brings everything in his house to life, The Armor Room, the Music room, etc. You go through 9 rooms before he fixes things.

They had a big presentation about the new Cars Land that will be placed behind the Mission Tortilla Factory. You walk through the city which looks just like Radiator Springs.
This was a life size version of Lighting McQueen to show his eye and mouth animation.
After you get through the town there's a desert racing ride.

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