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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lost Actor Signing

One of the main reasons why I went to this conference was because Sterling Beauman (Little Benjamin Linus) and Francois Chau (Dr. Pierre Chang) from Lost were going to be there. I was able to get fairly early in line. While I was waiting I people noticed my Lost trading cards that I was going to give to the actors and so I was able to show my art, give out cards and talk to people about Lost. I was able to meet the guy who runs the website ODI. Really nice guy, advised me on some things that were helpful about promoting and selling my Lost stuff. I also ran into some girls that were a part of WDW Radio, they liked my Lost designs enough to invite me to their booth for an interview. I also got interviewed for this big Lost fan documentary some guy was putting together.

At Noon the actors arrived and people started going through the line. But we noticed that some people who had already gone through were being put into another small line next to us. Apparently the "Stage Mom" of Sterling had complained that her son hadn't gotten his make-up and needed to have it and that a bathroom wasn't good enough. So they sent people through for Francois autograph and then the second line was for when Sterling got back. I could say a lot about Stage Moms but I'll leave it at that.

Sterling and Francois were awesome though. We all got special trading cards of them which they signed. I gave each of them a set of my own Lost cards that I had made and they loved them. I'll scan in the cards later. They told me that there will be a set of Trading Cards that are coming out that will cover Seasons 1 -5.

Afterwards I went over to the WDW Radio booth and they had their webcam up and interviewed me live about my art and put my cards and the blog address up to the screen for all who watched to see. I got a lot of good comments off that.

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Cheif Brody said...

Very cool stuff, Pa...Glad you got to see the cast. Too funny about Sterling's "Stage Mom"...priceless. Also cool you got your art in front of some Disney peep's eyes!