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Sunday, September 13, 2009

D23 Lost Auction Booth

This was the Auction half of the ABC Lost Booth.

They revealed the new Poster for Season 6 with the cast lined up with Locke in the center with his back to us. That part was shown at Comic-Con. What was not shown was the word "The Final Season", if you look closely notice there are Hieroglyphics in those words. Also how in "The Final they are white and in "Season" they are Black. The whole Black and White theme comes back full circle. Just awesome! Maybe if we do get to see the Alternate Reality of 815 landing at LA Ex we will see a bit of the parallel realities going back and forth playing off of the Black and White opposites theme?
On the back of the booth they had all 6 season posters hanging up. I still like the season 3 poster best.

A giant cast poster with rocks to sit on for taking pictures. I overheard two marketing reps saying that they were planning on taking it to Hawaii to have the cast sign it.
The Autograph signing table a few hours before Little Ben and Chang arrived.

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