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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Smoke Monster & Whisper Poll Results

Is the Sickness real or made up?

There really is a sickness, its a disease
0 (0%)

There really is a sickness, it is what has caused all of the labor deaths
0 (0%)

Its the Smoke Monster
4 (40%)

Its something else
3 (30%)

There is no sickness
3 (30%)

Votes so far: 10

What are the Whispers

Characters from an alternate reality giving warnings to characters in the original reality
7 (50%)

The Others have loud speakers hidden around the island to use as Smoke & Mirrors to unnerve people before they show up.
1 (7%)

Something else having to do with the Others
2 (14%)

The Smoke Monster
0 (0%)

1 (7%)

0 (0%)

The Man In Black
0 (0%)

The Island
4 (28%)

Memories taken from a character and played out loud
3 (21%)

Something else.
1 (7%)

Votes so far: 14

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